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We work on standard CPA - “cost per action”

In our network of thousands of registered international webmasters that allow you to work with any kind of traffic and the traffic from all countries

The advantages of the standard CPA for advertisers is obvious
  • The advertiser does not waste time searching for the consumers of its products or services
  • The advertiser gets targeted traffic to their sites
  • The payment is for action, not just for a visit or view, respectively advertising budget is spent as efficiently as possible
  • Detailed statistics can be tracked in the dashboard
  • Business is growing and you pay only for results
Traffic types
  • ClickUnder ads
  • Search ads
  • Search ads in brand
  • Doorway
  • Mass e-mail
  • Mobile traffic
  • PopUp ads
  • Retargeting
  • Social network apps
  • Social network groups
  • Targeted advertising in social networks
  • Content Sites
  • Ads network
We strictly control all workflows, so you can be confident that advertising will only appear where the target audience of your site
Getting started
The advertiser pays only for a certain action performed by the user on your site
The amount of the fee in each case is discussed individually. Payment is made on WMR-Wallet in system WebMoney
Such action can be
  • Request submitted
    Any valid request made by the user
  • Confirmed request
    User has confirmed the order by phone
  • Paid order
    User has paid (redeemed) order
Start working with us
  • Leave an application form for advertisers
  • Set up a campaign
    You will be contacted by a personal Manager and you will discuss with him all the conditions
  • We are starting to work and you get leads :)
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